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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Am still surprised to see large numbers of traders encouraging this type of trading pattern.The fact that it gives micro pips as profit is a bad news already not to talk of how it breaks your heart to have just one loss.This makes it even worse because a loss trade could destroy all your effort for weeks or months which could be very devastating.
   We all know loss is inevitable in the Forex business and if this is true, don't you think it is advisable and very wise to have a loss trade that would probably take away only one or two of your profitable trades which can be easily recovered, rather than having a loss that would take away almost all of your profitable trades.
      Even a novice can scalp for pips successfully for few times but how about that lose you cant avoid.Are you really willing to take such risk? I think you should answer that question yourself after taking a deep thought.

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